Minerals Inspection

Our philosophy is ‘know local, understand global’ - from pit to port to plant, we know the demands of the business.

We provide comprehensive services for start-up and operational mines covering on-site laboratories, water treatment and testing, commissioning and in-plant operational support and quality management.


Our inspection services check the condition of traded commodities - at the mine, at the warehouse, in transportation, at dockside in port, on board in shipment. From loading and receiving, from ship to shore, we inspect at every point in your logistics chain.

We provide weight and quality inspection and surveying services to support both buyers and sellers of high value commodities. We carry out vessel inspection, stockpile monitoring and commercial analysis. We are fully equipped and staffed with the skilled personnel necessary to ensure that samples and our operations fulfill internationally recognised quality standards.

Our services cover:

  • Pre-shipment inspection
  • Sampling and sample preparation
  • Supervision of bulk, bagged and containerised cargo during weighing and sampling at reception, loading, discharge, final receiving works and transit location
  • Vessel and hold condition inspections
  • Draft surveys
  • Tallying
  • Stockpile surveys
  • Warehouse inspection
  • Due diligence
  • Radioactivity screening
  • Moisture determination
  • Material sizing
  • Loadport and discharge port coordination
  • Water sampling and water testing
  • Water treatment

Testing & Analysis

Our Testing & analysis process and the independence of the laboratory is your assurance that results are accurate and recommendations appropriate.

To assist in reducing risk, we provide you with the knowledge and commercial assurance you need that quality is consistent throughout your logistics chain.

Our commercial analysis expertise covers a range of commodities within base and minor metals, precious metals, platinum group metals, catalysts, ferro alloys, steel raw materials, industrial minerals and water effluents. We are able to supply, staff and install state-of-the-art mobile laboratories to customise testing.

Our experienced and hands-on personnel not only understand commodities - but also the financial implications of trading and dealing in this business.

Our technical skills and analytical services include:

  • Chemical Analysis
  • Sample Preparation
  • Moisture Determination
  • Loss on Ignition
  • Insoluble Analysis
  • Specific Gravity
  • Bulk Density
  • Screen Analysis