Terms and Conditions

African Analytics and Advisory terms and conditions

Facilitation of services

a) Data published in our reports is derived from the relevant Inspection or testing procedures and our assessment is based on our interpretation of standards, trade practice or circumstances that should be taken into account.

b) Findings published by the Company will reflect facts of the intervention chronicled at the date and time only and no other.

c) The Company may appoint 3rd party or agents to perform tasks on their behalf that the company deems to be competent.

d) Data or findings published pertaining to samples is based on the company’s interpretations and pertain to those samples only and not to the lot that they originate from.

e) In cases where the Company is nominated for the purposes of 3rd party witnessing of intervention. The Client is aware and cognisant of the fact that the company holds zero responsibility for the care, maintenance, calibration, methods applied and results published. The Companies sole responsibility is to be present at the time and to report the incidents of the 3rd party intervention.


Client Responsibilities

a) To inform the Company of safety requirements and hazards pertaining to the nominated site of intervention.

b) The Client will ensure safe working conditions in order for the Company execute tasks of intervention.

c) The Client will make necessary provisions and approvals for the pass out of samples in regulated sites, such as, National Ports.

d) The Client will ensure that nominations are made at least 48 hours prior to the start of operations.

Fees and payment

a) The Client may not at any time hold back any fees owed to the Company on justification of a dispute or claim that is alleged at the time.

b) Should the Company be unable to complete the nominated task due to reasons not within the control of the Company, all fees and costs incurred must be settled in full or at least a fee must be agreed upon by the Company.

c) Unforeseen costs incurred during the course of Inspection and Testing must be relayed to the client in due course. The Company has the right to bill the client the additional cost incurred.

d) The Company may elect legal action for in case of uncollected fees. The Client will be responsible for full settlement of attorney fees.

e) The Companies standard rates or fee structures will be agreed upon should fees not be discussed at the time of intervention.

f) It is the Companies Financial Policy the invoices be settled in full, within 30 days from the relevant invoice date.

Lability and indemnity

a) The Company will not be held liable for losses of non-payment or partial payment due to processes outside the control of the Company.

b) The Company shall have no responsibility for direct or consequential losses, loss of business and loss of brand credibility.

c) Report are published without prejudice and are based on findings on date and time of intervention. The Company is not a Guarantor and disclaims all liability in such capacity.
Publications are done solely for the benefit of the client and is responsible for acting as it sees fit on the basis of such publications

d) The Client shall indemnify the Company and all its employees and subcontractors against all claims by any 3rd party for loss or damage relating to the performance or non-performance of any services.