Assurance for Africa

We know Africa. We know exactly what we are doing. Trust us to make sure everything works in your interest because it’s in ours.

Our reputation is on the line in everything we do – because our business has a vision far greater than merely success of our company. We want the success of Africa. We want the success of a continent.

Rigorous standards, determination to set the benchmark only comes from African Analytics & Advisory.

Our aim is to assist you in identifying real value and mitigate the intrinsic risk in your operations, supply chains and business processes. Assurance goes beyond testing, inspection and certification. It’s goes beyond information and technical approvals on quality and standards of commodities. It goes beyond identifying and mitigating risk. It goes beyond understanding mining operations; logistics and supply chains; knowing business processes. 

For us it comes down to two basic commodities that are the only things in which we trade:

Trust and Credibility.

Our experts, their knowledge, their hands-on approach, their ‘sweat-the-small-stuff’ attitude, the independence and quality of the laboratory, the experience and business knowledge of a dynamic team with powerful dream. It’s an inspired spirit that is geared beyond individual competencies to provide confidence and solutions that no other organisation can promise and deliver on.

We are dynamic and constantly expanding our service offering as industry experts that are driven to deliver a competitive advantage at every stage. We are committed to consistency, quality, responsive services and fit-for-purpose solutions. We promise to adhere to principles of personal development, health and safety standards and consider the environment.